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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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I know we all can be legends in our own minds but believe me when I say it, one of YOU is enough.

It’s true that people have different personality traits, different cultures (especially here in Ontario), different exceptions, experiences, fears, hopes and dreams. Based on their personality and culture they are different in the way they take risks and how they make decisions. They have different motivators, stressors and needs.

Every individual is unique and no one is the same. No one!

This is how it is supposed to be because we are made to complement each other. One person’s strengths are another person’s weaknesses.

Now here is the thing: no one is the same but hopefully, also no one stays the same.

A plant that doesn’t grow and develop, will die. The same is true for people. Some of them die an internal death long before their time comes. Their past has made them bitter, and they haven’t been taught how they could use the present to become better in the future.

It can be frustrating if you work with people and try to motivate them with things that are important to YOU but not to them.

Examples of different motivators are money, power, title, feeling of significance, personal growth, calculated risk, certainty, appreciation, public recognition, freedom, etc.

Let me give you a recent example from my personal experience.

A while ago, someone offered me a job (after being almost 15 years in business). I smiled and said, “Thanks (honoured and humbled) but no thanks.” 

The person said, “Karin, don’t be crazy. You can make way more money in one year in our company than being on your own.” 

Me: “How do you know how much money I make?” 

The other person: “I don’t. I would just pay you more than you make right now.” 

Me: “Hmmmmm… The challenge is that I am not motivated by money. I am motivated by making a difference in the lives of as many people as possible, and I really like my personal freedom.”

Do you get my point? Be interested in what other people want instead of assuming they want the same as you do.

Your job as a boss, team member, colleague, customer or supplier is to…

  • show a sincere interest in people
  • connect with people and build trust and rapport
  • be helpful and supportive
  • listen wholeheartedly
  • embrace positivity
  • have good conversations about the good, bad and ugly
  • get to know people’s “pain” points
  • be an inspiration and look for inspiration

If you talk more to people rather than about them, you will see many of your current challenges in a different light. Guaranteed!

Here is to YOU being YOU and allowing others to be themselves. Deal?

Food for Thought:

Have you ever tried to change another person? Think about how difficult it is to create positive change in your own life and then reevaluate.

If you want people to change, you have to change.

Please read the article:

Allowing Others the Freedom to Change

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