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Why Manufacturing?

 In Manufacture Your Day

I cannot stop wondering why so many people think that manufacturing in North America won’t survive. Of course it will! There will be fewer companies but the ones who will survive will come out of this recession stronger than ever.

Since I started my business people have been wondering why I chose manufacturing as my niche. However, since the recession hit us, people understand it even less. Everywhere I go and many of the people I meet ask me the same question……. Karin, why manufacturing? Why not approach the government…. , or the banks, ….. or why not just offer coaching and training in general?

Recently it crossed my mind that it is about time that I answer this very valid question on my blog. This way everybody has the opportunity to read how I feel about my chosen niche. This is actually something which is very easy for me to express and I ask you…..

How much integity would I show if I would throw in the towel when confronted with my first challenges?
How much faith in organizations would I show if I would turn my back on an industry I believe in?
How much commitment would I show if I would start forgetting about my passion?
How much dedication would I show if I would not do everything it takes to make my business a success?
How much intelligence would I show if I would forget to serve other people?
How much competence would I show if I would want to be a specialist in everything?
How much loyality would I show if I would forget about the people who believe in me and what my business is all about?
How much creativity would I show if I would walk the same path as everyone else?
How much flexibility would I show if I could not deal with changing times?
How much respect would I show if I would not appreciate the clients I have at the moment?
How much discipline would I show if I would not go above and beyond what people expect of me every single day?
How much trust would I show if I would not believe in the people around me?
How much courage would I show if I would let fear get in my way?
How much humour would I show if I would take myself and life too serious?
But most importantly…..
How much happiness and fulfillment would I experience if I would give up on my values and my beliefs?

Training and coaching in manufacturing environments is my passion. I have important knowledge and experience to share and I am great in what I do. I trust people and this makes them trust me. I have a tremendous love for people and my vision is to help manufacturing organizations and individuals to become the best they can be.

Just recently Heidi and I have received an email from one of the workers who attended our training sessions and I want to share his comments with you.

“You’re doing a great job. All of us guys from the night shift felt emotionally charged after your sessions. No kidding! We became kinder and more supportive to each other. We began seeing each other as members of one family. You did touch some strings in our souls.”
– Sergey Tishkin, CNC Mill Operator
When we receive emails like this, then I know that we are on the right track.
For the record, you now know why I chose manufacturing as my niche.

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