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The Man in the Mirror

 In Manufacture Your Day

There are only two pains we will suffer from in life: discipline or regret. Just in case you are wondering, the first one is the better one.
The more focused we are on achieving our goals and positive results, the more likely we will achieve them.
Self-improvement, self-management, self-discipline are all words that redirect the focus from others to ourselves. Not a lot of fun….
It is simply so much easier for all of us to think other people need to change and that it’s not necessary for us to change.
We like to think that we legends in our own minds.
We like to think that our opinion is the only one that matters.
We like to think that we are always 100 % on top of things.
How many of us are really willing and ready to face the truth?
Please take the time to watch this short video:

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