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 In Manufacture Your Day

Last weekend I participated in a halfmarathon and my goal was to run a PB (personal best) and …… I did. I was # 9 out of 64 women in my age group. I like to run half-marathons despite the fact that I am a marathon runner as it gives me a good opportunity to work on my speed but I still get a great endurance workout at the same time.

I always set an ambitious goal before I enter the race because the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment I feel after passing the finish line is worth every minute of suffering and pain during the race.

I really do compare marathon running very much to running my own business. I would say that there are a lot of the same qualities required and sometimes when the going gets tough, you cannot let it go and you have to keep going in order to get what you want.
My secret recipe for my strength in my personal and professional journey as well as a marathon runner is my positive attitude with a lot of SPICE. Spice stands for self-discipline, persistence, integrity, courage, and energy.
If you can work on these attributes EVERYTHING in life is possible.

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