Prime Your Mind
For Success

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Prime Your Mind
For Success

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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Pain Points

You have Challenges.

We have Solutions.
Let’s get to it!

Resistance to Change

What can change? 

The goal can change, the teams change, the playing field, team roles, materials, strategy, time constraints, the level of challenge, processes, systems, expectations, management, customers, suppliers, and the list goes on and on. Leaders today have to get a good understanding of what people go through emotionally in order to make change sustainable. Would you like to learn how to professionally guide your team during times of change?

Quality Issues

Why isn’t quality everyone’s business? The manufacturing industry is all about being faster, lowering the cost, reducing scrap and building a high quality product for the best possible price. Doing more with less has become the norm. Can we have a meaningful conversation about how we can help?

Health & Safety Concerns

Do you think your people in the shop floor possess more talent, skill and creativity than they are currently required to demonstrate?  If people learn to take responsibility for their actions and become more mindful at what they do, health & safety concerns can and will be eliminated. Can I recommend a meeting with us to learn more?

High Turnover

Why risk your reputation as a company? Everything we do in life and at work starts with the basics. If we don’t get the basics of human interaction right, we don’t even have to bother with big ambitions such as more clients, bigger buildings, more money, and “more and more of everything”. Are you ready to tackle this challenge together with us?

High Absenteeism

Why do we see so many “can’t-do”  and “don’t care” attitudes? If people don’t come to work, there is a reason. If you are interested to get a different perspective, walk around your work environment and simply observe people: How do they walk? How do they talk? What do you observe on their faces? If people are negative, frustrated, angry and stressed, they interact very differently, and the more they’re pushed, the more they will push back or simply don’t come to work. Are you curious to explore a new and refreshing perspective?

Problem-focused versus Solution-oriented Mindset

Can it be that the way we look at the problem is the problem? Thinking and speaking about problems day after day will take a toll on people’s mental and physical health if they don’t have a mental strategy in place. If people start to think different, they will feel different and if they feel different, they will act different. Can we support you in developing a new mindset that will lead to different results?


Have you ever noticed that way too many people live in the negative land of “W” – wishing, whining and wasting everyone’s time? Do you know what I’m talking about? Negativity is a disease. These people find a problem for every solution. Many times people are not aware about their mental attitude. Are you interested to see how we can help to overcome negativity?


What does our desire for instant gratification have to do with job satisfaction? Knowledge is on our fingertips by googling whatever we would like to know. We buy and don’t save. We text and don’t talk. The only thing that isn’t immediate is job satisfaction and learning how build long-lasting and meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life. Are you excited to explore this topic together with us?  

Mediocrity and Complacency

How does the lack of understanding human nature prevent you from tapping into people’s potential? The brain is like a muscle. If people don’t use it, they lose it. Once dysfunction sets into a business culture, it becomes very difficult to excel – for the business and for the people.  Can we work together to get these frustrations out of the way?

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