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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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My Talk at the Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA) in Windsor, Ontario

 In Manufacture Your Day

This is a very exciting time in my professional life. My book “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy? A Mindset of Passion and Purpose from the Production Floor to the Executive Suite” will be on the market in April. Last week I had the opportunity to share my message at the CTMA chapter in Windsor. It was a great experience and here is what some of the people said:

“Karin’s presentation “How To Make Manufacturing Sexy”, was a huge success in Windsor. Her enthusiasm and inspirational message were a hit with the audience. Karin’s passion and energy are contagious and I am positive future audiences will enjoy her talk’s on this and any subject she chooses, as much as I did!” 
Colin Docherty 

VP at Clinton Aluminum
Windsor Chapter Chair
Canadian Tooling and Machining Machining Association

“If ever given the chance to see Karin’s presentation on “How To Make Manufacuting Sexy”, do it! Her bubbly enthusiasm and passion shines through in an inspirational message on how to help change the mindset of the manufacturing community and the public in general in working towards getting our youth and young adults interested in manufacturing as a desired career choice.”
Jeff Lambing
Cost Estimating Software Sales Specialist at JDL Technical Services

“I met Karin at the CTMA meeting in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. As the featured speaker (How can we make manufacturing sexy?) Karin brought many important facts to the forefront as regards the current views on manufacturing in North America as compared to those of the European and Asian views. I believe that Karin is on the right track with this program and if our Canadian manufacturers & employees choose to participate in her vision, those companies can realize improved production (and profits) as well as retain a ‘willing to do’ employee base that would be proud to say they work for ‘X’ company. We will be adopting many of her ideas as time progresses.” 
Cliff Black
General Manager at Spartan Sling Mfg. Inc

“I recently had the pleasure to hear Karin Lindner speak at a CTMA meeting in Windsor Ontario. It was, without a doubt, one of the most inspiring and motivational talks I have attended in many years. She was well researched and spoke straight to were we as an industry live. Karin has a way of getting into important and sensitive areas with the skill of an experienced educator. No one left the room while Karin held the floor. She had us all at “Hello my name is Karin Lindner.” 
Terry Bachmeier 

Sales Manager at Rubig Engineering

“I had the opportunity to attend a seminar presented by Karin for the Canadian Tooling and Machining Assocation and found the content to be easily understood and well presented. Who would have thought that Manufacturing could be sexy? I do now! Well thought-out and fun too!”
Paula Theaker
Personal Lines Manager at Hub International

Your presentation last week at the CTMA dinner in Windsor brought up a number of relevant points. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t  want my kids to get into the manufacturing business because the competition in that field today isn’t fair and that truly is a shame. You also hit the nail on the head when you advised not to confuse Power & Position with Passion and Purpose.  All too often managing and leading get confused; they are definitely NOT one and the same. I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm, your point of view and share most of it. Thank you for sharing your point of view, it was refreshing and inspiring.  From my perspective as a free-enterpriser and small business owner, you are a breath of fresh air.”
Randy Cyr
President at R.J. Cyr Co. Inc
A big “Thank you” to everyone who supports my cause 
to inspire positive change in the manufacturing industry!
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