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Prime Your Mind
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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Communication is a skill that can be learned by anyone who has the willingness to do so. Are you with me on that?

Here is the thing, communication starts in your mind.

What does this mean?

You simply cannot think poorly about a person and communicate well. You won’t even listen to what the person has to say.

This means if you have a bias about people (their ethnic background,  gender, religion, values/beliefs, how smart you think they are), it is highly unlikely that you will be able to help this person to be at his / her personal best.

If you judge people, you limit them.

As a reader of my daily messages, you already know that your thoughts matter. They surround you with an energy that others can feel.


If you are afraid of dogs, do you think the dog can feel it?

Absolutely, and the same is true for people.

Have you ever shook someone’s hand and even though the person was smiling and super friendly, something felt off? Now you know why.

Fake politeness can always be detected if you’re aware. You can feel it.

Some people pretend to be friendly to get what they want for their own ulterior motives. I can spot one in a million, and I am glad that I have developed the ability to see and feel what’s going on at that moment. I do my best to be a very observant communicator.

Do you think you can have a positive conversation with a person if you have negative thoughts?

That’s also the reason why so many people aren’t really good at providing constructive feedback.

Employees are often belittled, or they don’t receive feedback at all. How would this motivate for self-improvement?

If you want a person to think and behave like an adult, you have to treat him/her like an adult and not like a child.

Many managers and supervisors think they have to be tough and show their power. Kindness at the workplace is unfortunately often considered a weakness. The bosses often criticize without keeping a person’s personal challenges in mind. If you want a person to meet your expectations, you have to focus on the person and give him/her the tools and techniques to improve.

Where should your focus be?

Should it be on telling the person what they did wrong or helping the person to become better?

How you communicate will determine the outcome.

If you are willing to become a better communicator, everything will start to improve:

  • Your thought process
  • The relationship with yourself
  • How you express your feelings
  • Your outlook on life
  • Personal and professional relationships
  • Conversations with your children, spouse and co-workers
  • Your mental well-being
  • The results you get in your life

Start being aware of your thought process, and think before you speak.

This would be an awesome start.

You can overcome most problems if you start having a good dialogue with the people around you.


How would you assess your personal and professional relationships? Everything starts with you.

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