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Prime Your Mind
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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Manufacturing Excellence – Inspire, Lead, and Succeed with PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!

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If it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all.  

– Joey Adams

Those of you who know me know that I am a firm believer in physical activity and for those of you who don’t know me, I AM a firm believer in physical activity.

I don’t think many people realize how important it is to integrate exercise into their lifestyle. It is about consistency and self-discipline. You have to do it all the time! You can’t just work out once every two months and expect a change. You can’t just start working out in April and expect to have the perfect body by the summer. Unfortunately that’s not how it works….

If people tell me that they don’t have time to exercise, it makes me smile. Excuses, excuses, excuses….. You find time for EVERYTHING in your life if it is important enough because then you will make it a priority. People have time to watch TV, to go to the coffee shop, to go out for dinner, to sit on the patio with a beer but there is no time to work out? Are you kidding me?

Don’t get me wrong, these are all things I love to do as well but it is a matter of prioritizing your weekly activities and exercise has to be a part of it. If you don’t make time for exercise, eventually you will have to make time for diseases. It is crucial to look after yourself. When you look in the mirror what do you see?

I want to be very clear, it is certainly not about having the perfect slim and muscular body we see all the time in these high gloss magazines. However, it is about feeling good about yourself, feeling strong and healthy. I know people who are slim but this does not mean that they are fit…. Fit means walking up the stairs without breathing heavily, fit means having good energy to get through the day, and fit means having a good immune system. 

It is my goal to encourage YOU to get moving! 

  • Exercise improves brain power for problem solving if you work out 2 or 3 times a week
  • Exercise creates endorphins with the side effect of happiness
  • Exercise will boost your immune system
  • Exercise will not only change your body but also your body image
  • Exercise will increase your energy level
  • Exercise will help you to conquer negativity
  • Exercise will increase your creativity (jogging for the brain)
  • Exercise will teach you that you can be in control of everything you do
  • If you exercise, you will inspire the people around you to get started
Don’t you think these are all good reasons to improve not only your personal life but also your work life?

  • Choose 3 days (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday) a week and work out religiously on these days – morning, lunchtime or evening, whatever fits your schedule best. 
  • Make a plan and set your personal fitness goals – i.e. a 5 k run, losing 10 pounds, lowering your cholesterol level…. Whatever you choose – make it SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely)
  • Find a training buddy! If you don’t know anyone, join the Running Room or Running Free, a Tennis Club, an Outdoor Club for hiking, cycling, etc. – maybe it is time for you to find new friends?
  • Start TODAY and not tomorrow – ready, set, go!!!
For me there is no doubt in my mind that body and mind are connected. It is important to understand how mental and physical fitness impact each other. Get serious about your workout and experience how your energy level, creativity and well-being will immediately improve.

Do it for yourself, do it for your family, and do it to inspire, lead and succeed!

  • Sharaf

    🙂 nice one Karin.. Thank you, I will follow your advice, enough is enough

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