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 In Manufacture Your Day
“No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. We need to see the world anew.”
~ Albert Einstein

I am always looking for ways to better serve the leaders in the manufacturing industry and last week I took a leap of faith by hosting my very first webcast. I only invited a small group of people and I have to admit that this experience pushed out of my comfort zone. It is very different speaking to a laptop rather than it is to a live audience.

Under normal circumstances when I speak to a group of people I can feel their energy and it gives me a chance to react if I feel there’s a disconnect. Via webcast this is not possible. People may leave early and there is nothing you can do, except to keep your composure because you don’t know if they are leaving because they are busy or because they did not like it. 

Overall it was a very exciting experience and I can see how this will be a great platform to interact with my audience worldwide. 

The topic of the webcast was employee engagement and throughout the webcast people had the opportunity to ask questions. One person asked a question that really stuck with me. She said, “Karin, you talk about employee engagement but what happens when disengaged Managers complain about a disengaged workforce and at the same time they may not be aware that they are disengaged themselves?”

Great question, isn’t it?
How engaged can managers be with all the pressure that they have to face each day?
Running from one meeting to the next, full focus on delivering quarterly results, usually without ever getting any acknowledgement for a job well done, the pressure from customers, and the risk that one serious mistake could ruin not only their own reputation but that of the company as well. The saying “The higher the management level, the thinner the air gets for people” is still very applicable.

Our unfortunate “do it right the first time” mentality has created an environment of insecurity and low self-esteem. People are VERY protective about their job. Work life is hectic, so how could you possibly expect management to be fully engaged? 

Instead of bursting with positive energy to create a new dynamic, the level of frustration is written on their faces. Their intention may be to create change for the better BUT their actions show otherwise. Wouldn’t you agree that this is how people get burnt out?

It is a well known fact that employees will judge management by their actions, and this judgement creates a certain perception. If their perception is not aligned with their expectations, their energy level decreases and the level of stress, frustration and negativity will impact their performance and productivity. Can you see the chain reaction?

Both sides may have the best of intentions but as soon as they have to deal with this kind of a disconnect, it will require time and energy to help them understand each other’s perspective. 

It’s an emotional game and in order to get the team spirit back, emotions need to be dealt with, processed and released. If a company is willing to work on that, then real progress can be made.

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