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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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It’s Wednesday and time for “Manufacturing Leadership Minute” with Karin.

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Today my goal is to make you think about yourself and your life.

How often have you reached into your own pocket to pay for your personal development over the past 10 years?

What would your answer be?

Some may tell me, “Karin, I don’t have direct reports. I am not a leader.” That’s a fair statement and I will tell you, “Of course, you are a leader. You are the leader of your life and a role model for all the people around you – your family, friends, children, co-workers and even strangers. Your attitude, behaviours and actions matter. They matter a lot. People (and children) follow what they see.

Coaching isn’t a tool to “fix” people. Coaching is a wonderful way in the personal and professional development world to help people to move towards their dreams and their full potential. It’s an accountability process that works if you’re willing to put in the work.

My vision is that every person in the near future has the opportunity to work with a coach if he/she is serious about getting the personal and/or professional results he/she would like to see.

I think the most important part people often don’t realize is that a coach is someone who can help to

  • learn how to set goals
  • get you out of a rut when you’re in a rut
  • become more self-aware and focused on your character traits
  • adjust your attitude towards the people around you
  • create a space that helps to gain perspective
  • move towards your goals
  • improve specific skills
  • take control of your mental and emotional state
  • look at your life from a bird’s eye view
  • live life with passion.

Whatever your goals and aspirations in life are (and I know you have many, otherwise you wouldn’t read my messages), you have to develop self-leadership first before you can even think about becoming a leader to others. That’s why we see so many bad bosses (highly recommended video) in our work environments.

How can you

  • understand others if you don’t even understand yourself?
  • get a girlfriend/boyfriend if you don’t know how to show a sincere interest in someone else?
  • be a great mom/dad to your children if you have no ability to tune into their needs?
  • enjoy married life if you have poor communication skills?

On the flip side, how important is it for you to…

  • have a title
  • show others how smart you are
  • have the latest iPhone
  • stop for your daily coffee at Starbucks
  • send your child to a prestigious university
  • build or buy a big home (or more than one)
  • drive a fancy car (or more than one)
  • binge watch TV shows
  • show off on social media and/or
  • chase money and success?

All of this is o.k. as long as it doesn’t leave you feeling empty with the constant need for more. Zig Ziglar said, “Money cannot buy happiness but everyone needs to find out for themselves.”

Many people’s lives are built on outside validation rather than learning more about how to control their emotional state. Happiness is an inside job and skills such as constructive thought management, mental strength, emotional stability and being able to manage daily stressors effectively can become a real game-changer.

I am amazed at how many people don’t invest in themselves on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, the higher people rank in our organizations, the fewer are interested in ongoing learning and development opportunities.


Many CEOs, VPs and GMs think they have “arrived” and that it can demonstrate a weakness if they “still” have to participate in personal development courses or coaching.

If you have similar thoughts, you should watch my video on the destination disease (originated by John Maxwell).

Life-long learning isn’t just a nice to have in our constantly changing world. It’s a must-have for executives, managers, employees and workers in manufacturing companies and big corporations.

If your company doesn’t pay for ongoing personal learning and development, let me be clear on your options:

  1. Build a business case for your employer on how your development will benefit the bottom line – because it will.
  2. Find a new employer and be selective in the job interview by asking about possible development opportunities in the company.
  3. Invest in yourself. If you don’t make a self-development plan for yourself, please don’t be surprised if nobody else does.

Leadership coaching will help you to get further faster in your life.

High-five to you and your future!



Remember that I always say, “Do you want to become better or bitter?” It’s a choice.

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