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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Easier said than done?

Of course, it is always a matter of perspective. People look at things based on their past experiences, values and beliefs.

As a positive outcome of this whole health crisis, here are a few things that I wish could stay:

  • More family, self-care and reflection time.
  • People who want to work a few days from home should be able to do that. It’s proven now that it can work. What impact would this have on the planet?
  • Time to clean up and declutter the house.
  • While everything seems to fall apart, people truly come together.
  • There is a whole new level of appreciation for things that we took for granted.
    • giving a handshake or a hug
    • socializing with family and friends
    • going for a walk without keeping a physical distance from others
    • going grocery shopping without any concerns
    • having the freedom to go where we want to
    • being able to go to the gym, yoga studio, swimming pool
    • planning a trip
    • being able to purchase toilet paper
  • More collaboration between companies.
  • More willingness to build trust and strong relationships with others.
  • Better communication and less fighting between politicians.
  • Much needed room for innovation and creativity.

I totally get it. Most businesses are hurting at the moment. However, new businesses will get started because some people will turn a problem into an opportunity. Some businesses will disappear because of the inflexibility of adapting to a big change. Many businesses will struggle but they will make it. Then there will also be companies with managers and employees who will be allowed to make mistakes, learn, grow, and innovate. These are the companies that will come back stronger than ever.

Right now it is all about pivoting your thought process in order to adjust to this new reality. It will be mind over matter.

PIVOT stands for:

P ersonal Relationships: How is your ability to build relationships with your employees, your suppliers and your clients, maybe even with your competitors? Do you go above and beyond to connect and collaborate?

I nnovation: How much value do you place on innovation and creativity? If there is no room for mistakes, there will be no space for innovation.

V alue Proposition in the Marketplace: How is your product/service positioned and how does it help to solve one big problem in the world?

O ptimism: Are you willing to lead by example? How do you instil in your team members that they cannot produce positive results with a negative mind?

T hought Leadership: How is your ability to communicate a vision of what can be but others can’t see (yet)?

Let’s take Covid19 for what it is. A challenge to overcome with many possibilities for a better tomorrow.


Food for Thought:

How do you make a difference for others during these tough times?

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