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 In Manufacture Your Day

Last night I had a conversation with my husband who also works in the manufacturing industry. We spoke about weaknesses – perceived weaknesses. 

We concluded that there are two things that people in this industry avoid saying at all cost because they are perceived weaknesses. 

Would you like to know what they are? 

  1. A sincere apology: “I am sorry” 
  2. Admitting lack of knowledge: “I don’t know” 

Many people in the manufacturing industry have encountered so many verbal beatings that they don’t feel safe to do something that won’t be acknowledged. 

I totally get that but I think it is time to challenge the status quo. 

I hope that one day in the very near future people can go to work and feel safe enough to tell their co-workers or their boss if they don’t know something. I also believe that a sincere apology is something that we should appreciate rather than dismiss. 

We need more people at the workplace who have the courage to stand up for what feels right. There is a lot of value in listening to your gut. 

Let’s stop this “utter crap mindset” together!

A new course of action:

  • Sincerity: If we do someone wrong or we make a mistake, a sincere apology can do wonders.
  • Feel good about yourself and be honest: Would you agree that we should rather feel good about what we know than inadequate about what we don’t know?

People make mistakes. People don’t know everything. It’s human, and I take human imperfection over cold precision anytime. U 2? 

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