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 In Manufacture Your Day

Manufacturing Ethics and Etiquette

Are you interested in reading 10 very practical tips based on my observations in manufacturing companies? If so, read on.

How often do you think about ethics and etiquette when you go to work?

Sometimes? Often? Never?

Let’s look at the difference:

  1. Ethics is the moral and right way to behave – all the things you also do when nobody is watching.
  2. Etiquette is the proper way to behave – basic life skills such as “hello, please and thank you”, emotionally controlled behaviour combined with good communication skills, personable yet professional, avoidance of gossip, the ability to make a good impression.

In my mind, companies would be well advised to have professionalism workshops at all levels of the organization. This would definitely prevent from having different kinds of harassment or racism complaints, and it would also make for a healthier and more productive work environment.

Most of the people I work with are great people and, in the coaching process, they become better people because their level of awareness increases.

How can you change your thought process, mindset and behaviour if you’re not aware that you’re not aware?

So many people have become conditioned by their work environment. They start doing what their role models are doing.

My work experience has led me to believe that there is no truer example of “monkey sees, monkey does” as the manufacturing industry.

Seriously, someone has to say it, this industry still lives (for the most part) in the Industrial Age based on the way people are treated.

Good luck with the new generation. I am not surprised that companies talk about a shortage of talent. It is definitely not because there is no available talent. I have asked people. 80% of the people who work in this industry wouldn’t want their own children to work there. Does this come as a surprise?

In 2012 I wrote the book “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?” and 8 years later I think I should write another book with the title “Why Manufacturing is Far from Sexy”.

Here are 10 solid reasons for that thought:

  1. People first, numbers second: If you focus on people (feedback, acknowledgement, development, respect, kindness), they will not only produce the numbers but they will go above and beyond. In the current ranking, the KMIs win that game.
  2. Operations Meeting: Is there a better way than solely focusing on problems and issues? Start with what’s going well. Everyone in the meeting should have to report positive progress. Why? It’s important that people recognize the progress. If you keep the energy high, you will have healthy and productive employees.
  3. Machine Operators: Nobody knows better how to improve the job than the people who do the job. Listen to and engage with the people who are responsible to get a quality product out of the door.
  4. Constructive Feedback: What does constant criticism do to the self-worth of a person? The self-worth of a person is in direct correlation with the net worth of a business.
  5. Conflict: I think conflict is awesome, depending on how you interact with each other. It just shows that people care. Different people, different cultures, different thought processes, different ways of doing things – be curious instead of furious.
  6. Mistakes: They are the fuel for creativity and innovation. People who tell me that they never make any mistakes are the ones who never try anything out of the ordinary.
  7. Mindset of Process Improvement: When I ask people in my workshops, “What are you supposed to do with the process?”, “Follow the process” is the response I get from the majority of people.
  8. Anger Management: When you are angry, do you think you communicate effectively? The level of aggressiveness of some managers is beyond measure. What’s the lost opportunity cost by having a bully running the show?
  9. Profit: Have you ever noticed that the word pro”fit” includes the word fit? Make sure to work out. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.
  10. Values and Behaviors: Is it more important to do things right or to do the right thing? Corporate values should be like the air you breathe. Values have to “walk” down the halls rather than hanging on the walls.

Most people don’t know better. If they do, they will do better.

Food for Thought:

Are your managers and supervisors in the plant to control people or to cultivate behaviours?

Today I invite you to check out my valued friend Bruce Weinstein. Connect with him, follow him, share his profile with others. He is the Ethics Guy.

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