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 In Manufacture Your Day

Happy Monday!

I always like to give reminders in the corporate world how important it is to show appreciation. It is such a simple thing, yet seems so difficult to do. 

Last week I was on the receiving end. It was an unexpected but so sincere message that I would like to share it. Of course I asked for the approval of the sender.  

“Karin, I worked with you when you were a featured speaker at the 2015 Wisconsin Manufacturing Show, and I was greatly influenced by your endearing personality, and your outlook on the way people treat people!

Our mutual friend, Paul, has included me in your manufacturing newsletters. This has been several years now and I received invaluable wisdom. Many times I would forward your messages to my sister, who was supervising people at her job, and to one of my best friends, who has been working for very ungrateful & demanding bosses, and, of course, ME……..
Paul’s Mon-Fri early morning text bling, with your forward, sets the horizon for my day!!! You raise the bar very high, with the sharing of your personal challenges, your perseverance, and YOUR FAITH.
Sending warmth & respect & wishes for Blessed Holidays.
Jill Smart”
Thank you Jill! You really made my day.
It’s a shame but most times we will never know if and how we made a difference in other people’s life. 
If YOU are a regular reader of my daily messages, I challenge you today to take the time to tell someone if he/she has made a difference in your life. Someone who helped you during challenging times. Someone who has always an ear for you to listen. Someone who believed in you when nobody else did. Someone who has lifted you up rather than dragged you down. 
So rarely we speak about the good things that are on our mind but imagine the impact on our world if more people would show sincere appreciation. 
Be awesome and tell someone else how you feel about him / her.
Bless them. Embrace them. Show your appreciation and watch the magic unfold. 

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