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Manufacture Your Day by TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF

 In Manufacture Your Day

Body and mind work together, and we should all take this more seriously. 

You owe it to yourself and to your family to look after yourself. 

The excuses I hear….

  • I work too long hours
  • I don’t have time to workout
  • I have bad knees
  • I don’t come from an athletic family
  • I don’t have the money to go to a gym
  • I don’t have the energy to exercise
  • It is boring to workout alone
  • I am too old
  • I don’t like to sweat
  • It ruins my hairdo
  • I don’t enjoy working out with the opposite sex
  • I have tried before but it gets boring after a little while
  • My family needs me after work
  • I am so out of shape that I am embarrassed to get started
  • None of the people I know exercise

Do any of these sound familiar? 

We all have been there. There is certainly no shortage of excuses. 

Who wants to get up at 5 am in the morning to get a run in before going to work? I do. The only chance I have to run when it is really hot. 

If you have never experienced it, it is difficult if not impossible to understand the amount of energy you get from working out. 

Key is to….

A) set a goal and explore “why” you want to achieve it (do the CN Tower stair climb, run a marathon, improve my measures of health, etc). 

B) find a group of people you can workout with (if you have no active friends, find new ones).

C) find an activity that is fun for you (fun means different things to different people). 

D) set personal life priorities – if you leave work late every day, it is time to evaluate your life and your work-life balance. 

E) find ways to celebrate small successes along the way (i.e. getting up early 3 times a week to make the time to exercise). 

F) ditch the car more often to get on the bike or go for a run.

My short summary: 

If you don’t have the time, make the time. Your body and your mind will thank you for it. Go!

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