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Manufacture Your Day by RECOGNIZING THE POWER OF “YOU”

 In Manufacture Your Day

Aren’t we all work in progress? I know I am. 

Honestly, I cannot imagine a life without constantly focusing on self-improvement. I am literally hungry for feedback and to become the best I can be. 

Jim Rohn used to say, “Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you are fortune.” 

I can remember these early days in Canada when I lived in a basement apartment with only one small window. It was so dark and depressing but that’s all I could afford at the time. In Austria nobody lives in the basement. That’s where we store our potatoes. 

In 2004 my mom came to visit me and she was literally in shock. She looked at me and said, “Oh my goodness, what have you done? Are you crazy?”

Yes, I left a really good life in Austria but I often ask myself if I would have ever made so much progress in my life had I stayed in my comfort zone. Probably not. 

Why would you push yourself if you have everything you need? 

Today I know better. I have gotten into the habit of personal self-development and you should do the same. We are all here to fulfill a purpose. It is really sad that so many people die without ever discovering who they were meant to become.  

Here is what has worked for me and maybe you want to consider some of it? 

  • spend more hours in the self-help book section of a local book store rather than watching TV 
  • have more meaningful conversations with family and friends rather than sitting together and starring individually at your phones
  • surround yourself with more people who you admire rather than with negative people
  • ban the TV and cell phone from your bedroom and spend more time connecting with your partner
  • smile more and complain less
  • exercise more and eat less
  • meditate more and worry less
  • spend more time in the beauty of nature and less time inside the house
  • learn from everyone you meet instead of looking down at them
  • look after your health and well-being instead of chasing money, titles and material things

That’s how you tap into your superpower. 

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