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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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May I help you to shift your perspective?

Do you think there are people in your workplace who possess more talent, skill and creativity than they are currently allowed to demonstrate?

I see them at all levels and this has to change for the better.

Managers shouldn’t act like soldiers and fulfill orders. They have to think for themselves. What if they would learn to influence and set their mind on making a difference.

Just imagine a supervisor who would notice something that the General Manager isn’t aware of. Wouldn’t it be great if the supervisor had the courage and skill to communicate it in a way that could possibly help the company to save money?

It is so important to feel “the pulse” of people.

Sometimes corporate offices are busy collecting quarterly results on a matrix, while people in the plant walk around like zombies. Some of these people don’t feel mentally alive because they are just trying to survive their days without hope and purpose.

I wonder how much money is wasted because people are not aware of attention and energy management.

In my mind, people are complex beings but corporations should want more people who are authentic and feel alive when they come to work. Only if you’re allowed to be yourself, you can work at your best.

I see it as my job to help you “see” more in your team members than they can see in themselves.

The workforce has:

  • creative and innovative ideas: yet, very few managers make the time to listen.
  • the drive to make things better: unfortunately, this drive is lost when they’re belittled and criticized by uneducated supervisors.
  • outstanding talent – often buried under stress and frustration.
  • incredible energy to make an impact: unfortunately they will only care about the business if managers care about them and their needs.
  • more smartness and capabilities than the leadership team thinks is possible: nobody knows better how to improve the job than the people who are doing it.

Never make assumptions about the workforce, fellow team members, fellow managers or your boss.

Assumptions are nothing but a “mind read” trying to imagine what’s going on in this person’s head.

Here is what I want you to do instead:

Pay close attention to…

  1. how people walk, talk and interact
  2. a person’s attitude and behaviour
  3. their facial expressions

In short, learn to become more sensitive to a person’s non-verbal behaviour.

A while ago a person said to me, “Karin, I am a very happy person.”

Because I pay attention to what I just told you, I felt like responding, “You should make sure to tell your face.”

Of course, I did not tell him that.

However, a person’s thoughts run directly through his/her face and you can learn so much by paying attention.

A person’s behaviour is the only indication for you to understand what’s going on in this person’s internal world, and it would serve you well to become more observant.

Hurt people tend to hurt people because they see no way out if they don’t have the tools and techniques to respond to difficult situations. They just try to protect themselves.

Become an encourager, listen to what people have to say, support them and let’s see where this will take you.

By the way, the same is true when it comes to your spouse, your teenagers, your family and friends.


Food for Thoughts:

Do you tend to encourage or criticize?

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