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Manufacturing Leadership Disrupt Yourself

I am constantly working on myself to become better at what I do – a better coach, a better trainer and a better facilitator.

Right now I participate in a webinar series, which provides great insights on how to become a world class coach.

My favourite webinar presenter so far has been Whitney Johnson, and she is also the author of the book “Disrupt Yourself, With a New Introduction: Master Relentless Change and Speed Up Your Learning Curve”.

I haven’t read her book yet but it is now on my book wish list.

Today I would like to share one of her concepts.

Have you ever considered that the most fulfilling way to live life is being on a learning curve?

I invite you to take a look:

This “S-Curve” Chart represents our learning curve.

1. Inexperience (learning something new):

At the beginning of a learning curve there is a lot of new learning and dealing with our own fears and insecurities. From zero on our way to develop competence, we also start to develop confidence.

2. Engagement:

When we start to learn and to grow, we develop more knowledge and more confidence, and in the “S-Curve” this becomes our sweet spot. We learn new things, possibly in a new field and we become more and more comfortable and relaxed. That’s when work is fun.

3. Mastery:

The challenge starts when we enter mastery (unconscious competence) and we know what we do (almost on autopilot) without further challenge. That’s when we become comfortable, complacent, bored and often disengaged.

Whitney Johnson suggests that it is important to disrupt ourselves every 4 years. This could be with a new job in a new company, a promotion, a new challenge or a stretch assignment. Disruption is also important in business in order to innovate and create, or management and employees fall victim to “sameness”.

I have never realized this before, but I have disrupted myself countless times over the years. I changed jobs, companies and even moved to another country. I disrupted myself by becoming an entrepreneur, and I continue to disrupt myself with new and exciting challenges.

In my mind there are 3 groups of individuals:

The people who…

  1. learned in school, possibly earned their degrees and now they work; they have little interest in self-improvement and many times they are also not aware.
  2. think they know it all and they don’t see the need of continuous learning in our constantly changing world. This could also have to do with arrogance, ignorance and a tremendous lack of awareness.
  3. have or don’t have a degree but they are life-long learners. They learn from their mistakes, different situations and from every person who will cross their path. They read books, take courses, watch educational videos and/or have hired a coach. Their journey is all about self-development and self-awareness.

Which one is you?

Food for Thought:

When was the last time you disrupted yourself and/or your business?

Please read this article:

Personal Disruption: The New Recipe for Success

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