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Prime Your Mind
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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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 In Manufacture Your Day

Manufacturing Change Instantly

Happy Friday!

Change happens in an instant. 

Isn’t this a wonderful mindset to have?

It is true. The decision to make a change happens in an instant. Getting ready for the change or to change yourself takes time.

  • Do you find leading during changing times difficult?
  • How do you feel about being led by someone else while everything seems to be a moving target?

Change has become a constant and the only thing that you can expect to be certain is uncertainty.

When you continue to be irritated by someone who refuses to change, you also refuse to change.

That’s right! It is more than o.k. to read this sentence again. Allow it to sink in and feel its full effect. What you resist will persist.

We want…

  • things to change.
  • other people to change.
  • situations to change.
  • management to change.
  • the workforce to change.

You get my point.

What about me, myself and I?

Most managers today feel the pressure of the global marketplace…. It’s all about being bigger, faster, cheaper and smarter. There is a constant demand for “more, more, more” with fewer resources.

No wonder people are getting sick.

While I 100% agree that the people in manufacturing companies have to strive to get a little bit better each day, most of it is about mindset, thought process and communication.

What can change?

The goals, teams, playing field, roles, materials, strategies, time constraints, processes, systems, expectations, management, customers, suppliers … in short, what can’t change?

Leaders today have to fully grasp what people go through emotionally, in order to make change sustainable.

How do YOU feel when YOU think about change?

  • Excited or fearful?
  • Determined or frustrated?
  • Hopeful or anxious?
  • Happy or nostalgic?
  • Purposeful or contemptuous?
  • Confident or resentful?

Have you ever considered that we assign certain meanings to words? How we think about change will ultimately create the feeling (good or bad).

What change means to you will depend on your personal experience, your beliefs, your mindset and your mental flexibility.

Could you use the word “improvement” instead when you and/or your team want to get to the next level?

Change can often appear big and scary, and if it does, change the meaning or change the word. Improvement (or Kaizen in Japanese) is about small and manageable steps along the way. If this feels better, use that. I know that you knew that. This is just a friendly reminder because I care about you.

The cycle of life will always include growth. Some people remain stagnant but you are not one of them.

Change isn’t risky. Being stagnant is. Can I get a high five?

Food for Thought:

How do you feel about change?

Please read the Harvard Business Review article:

Managing Change, One Day at a Time

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