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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Manufacture Your Day by FINDING JOY IN YOUR STORY

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Manufacturing Training Finding Joy

Happy Friday!

Over the course of my personal self-development journey I have learned a lot from Seth Godin’s books and Tony Robbins’ teachings. Today I would like to write about one the concepts I have learned from Tony.

Would you agree that most people strive for happiness? At times this seems to be pretty difficult to achieve, right?

Here are some of the reasons people have told me, which seem to keep happiness away:

  • not enough money
  • lack of education
  • trapped in a job they don’t like
  • lack of choices
  • overlooked when it comes to promotions in the company
  • a certain age and no children or no title
  • no life partner
  • divorce – ex-partner makes life miserable
  • lack of motivation and drive
  • it’s someone else’s fault (parents, children, teachers, management, co-workers, etc. )
  • worry about the future
  • mistakes they made in the past
  • low self-confidence and self-worth

Some of it may hold true for certain people. They will always have a reason why they cannot be happy.

However, this is also a great list of excuses because complaining is just so much easier than taking action and going for effort and progress.

Now is the time to think and reflect.

I think the most powerful happiness killer is the story we tell ourselves about how life is “supposed to be”.

If this story (mental blueprint) doesn’t match our life conditions, we can become dissatisfied, frustrated and angry.

Let’s break this down according to Tony Robbins:

Let’s say there is a 40 year old man who wanted to be in a management position in his early 30s. He is a very smart guy, has an interesting and well paid job but he isn’t a manager YET.

This means that his mental blueprint (story he tells himself) doesn’t match his current life conditions.

What choices does he have if he wants to live a more joyful life?

  1. He can do something about it and swing into massive action: i.e. talk to HR and to his boss (get feedback what skills he may be lacking, get on a personal development plan), revamp the resume, network, talk to recruiters, read books and watch videos to keep the dream alive, never give up;
  2. Change the story he tells himself about himself (new mental blueprint): Some people are brilliant at what they do and are not necessarily meant to be managers; always keep things in perspective; What is the advantage of not being a manager? What’s the motivator (money, title, significance, power)? Is this story about his dreams or to demonstrate his “worthiness” to others? What else could he concentrate on to have inner peace?
    • His new story could be: “I enjoy contributing and being of service to the team. My skills and my contributions add so much value to the company and to our customers. I enjoy enhancing my skills and helping others. I appreciate our daily challenges to create new opportunities.”

Our current life conditions aren’t necessarily bad. It’s all about the meaning you give to them.

Life is too short to live life without joy. Whatever you do, do something about it!



What story do you tell yourself about yourself? Does it serve your happiness?

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