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 In Manufacture Your Day

At the beginning of a new year most of us are more willing than usual to turn over a new leaf or in other words, start acting or behaving in a better or more responsible way. Am I right or is it just me? 

Of course your alphabet of life could look entirely different but I think it would be a great idea if you had one. 

If you are interested to hear what I chose from this image, I am happy to share. I want to stretch myself more – physically (I will go back to Hot Yoga), emotionally (practise to stay super calm even when people annoy me – YES, some people do) and mentally (dream bigger, challenge more people to become better and of course become the very best at what I do). This is what I want to try as a little experiment this year. How far do you think I can I go if I am open to it? 

Years ago I attended a Dale Carnegie course and there was one saying that I still remember to this very day. 

“Most people are in a rut and they stay in a rut because they don’t use their ability to get things done.”

At the time I felt that this saying was totally directed towards me. I was in a rut and I didn’t see a way out until I realized that I was just feeling terribly sorry for myself. Bummer. I was in true victim mode. It was everybody else’s fault but mine. I allowed my outside circumstances to control me and my life. Can you relate? 

Today I would like you to be totally honest with yourself and reflect: 

What is the number 1 thing on this image (or maybe you have something else in mind) that you should say YES to? 

I would be thrilled to hear your choice. 

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