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Prime Your Mind
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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Manufacturing Supervisors - Positive Thoughts

What do I mean by that?

It is so important that people speak more to each other rather than about each other. Who wants to be around people who constantly speak behind your back?

Work on establishing meaningful relationships because this is the foundation of everything you want to accomplish on a daily basis.

Is it just me and my observations or are we in need of more optimism in the workplace?

In my work with people in different companies, I have noticed an increasing amount of negativity. People are frustrated, overworked, angry and fearful because they haven’t developed coping skills on how to deal with certain situations.

Negativity breeds negativity. It is contagious and affects not only people’s health and well-being but also the bottom line.

Nobody can create positive results with a negative mind.

I encourage you to stay away from negative people but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes they are even members of our family.

Keep in mind that the 5 people you spend most of your time with, will influence your life either in a positive or in a negative way.

Here is what you can do:

  • Practise positive self-talk on a regular basis.
  • Stay away from gossip.
  • Evaluate who you hang out with: positive or negative people?
  • If someone starts complaining to you, simply say, “I don’t like to talk behind people’s back” or “I refuse to be negative” or “I think complaining will not help the situation”. You are allowed to stand up for yourself.
  • If it is someone you care about, say, “I have noticed that you are really negative lately. What’s going on? How do you think this will affect other areas of your life?”
  • Please know, you don’t help anyone by being the sounding board for their complaints.
  • Smile and be friendly – even if it is difficult. You have to decide what kind of person you want to be and don’t allow others to influence your behaviour. Practice makes perfect.
  • If you are a Manager – make it a workplace guideline to think solution-oriented by developing a constructive thought process. Positive vibes only!
  • Be a role model to the people around you – people are watching you. Some may be annoyed by your happiness but others will be intrigued.

My life motto is “Love it, leave it or change it”. If I can’t change it, I will work on changing my perspective and/or attitude. Works like a charm for me.

Negativity can be a happiness thief.

Do it for yourself. Do it for others. Be positive and enjoy your well-deserved weekend!


Have you ever considered that complaining about complaining is also complaining?

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