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Manufacture Your Day by BELIEVING IN YOURSELF

 In Manufacture Your Day

I think I am a poster child for this one. 

When I started my little training business I was 38 years old. Thanks to Magna I discovered my passion for the people in the manufacturing industry and thanks to myself, I took a huge leap of faith by taking action. 

I knew next to nothing about business but I was very convinced that I could learn. 

My very first workshop – designed for machine operators – was 2 hours long. The people loved it and I knew I was on to something. I delivered this workshop 3 times a day over the course of 8 days and I covered all shifts. 

Over the years I have facilitated training at 8 pm in the evening, at 11 pm at night, at 1 am in the morning, at 4 am in the morning, during the day and on weekends. Right there I eliminated quite a bit of my competitors. Just like that. 

Who wants to facilitate training at night? Well, I do because I love it so much that I actually need less sleep. 

If you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to be different. I think that I am gritty and witty, which are pretty useful attributes to have.

All the tears, all the sweat, all the hard work, all the cold calls, all the fears, all the frustrations, all the long nights, all the “NOs”, and…..  I wouldn’t want to miss a thing because all of them eventually led to many “YESes”.

That’s how life is. If it would be easy, everyone would do it. 

I was fortunate enough to have great friends and supporters along the way and I wouldn’t have been able to do all of it without them. 

If you read my messages, you are here for a reason. Please don’t waste another minute and go for what you want. We need more people in our work environments who feel “alive”. 

Soon we will write 2019. Let’s make it count and let’s go all in. 

  • Let’s make new mistakes (=learning experiences).
  • Let’s do something new that is scary (=the magic happens outside the comfort zone).
  • Let’s take new risks (=no risk, no fun). 
  • Let’s meet new people (=enhance your social and communication skills).
  • Let’s travel to new places (=broaden your horizons).
  • Let’s learn new skills (=never stand still).
  • Let’s read new books (=explore new ideas).
  • Let’s learn and grow to new levels (=mentally, spiritually and emotionally). 
  • Let’s explore new workouts (=physical health is wealth).
  • Let’s get used to new nutritional habits (=you are what you eat). 
  • Let’s get started on new adventures (life experiences are everything). 

Are you ready to develop a badass (=fearless and authentic) attitude? 

In 2019, that’s the place to be. Who is with me? 

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