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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Manufacture Your Day by BEING PRESENT AND AWARE

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I get it. We live in an extremely fast-paced world. Everyone is busy, many have FOMO (fear of missing out) and that’s reflected in people’s attitudes and behaviours.

When people feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed, they start alienating the people closest to them (not only co-workers, also family members).

How can companies be highly successful if the people who work in the company work against each other rather than with each other?

Our cell phones are contributing in the worst possible way to being unfocused, distracted, and in a mode of constant availability.

If you start 5 things at once, chances are that you get nothing done or if you get it done, it won’t be high-quality work.

Don’t get me wrong, I think technology is great as long as we are in control.

Here are a few tips on how to become more productive:

1. Conversations:

When you have a conversation with someone, do not multitask. You either miss what the person said or you’re not fully focused on what you’re doing. Relationships are built by showing a sincere interest in the other person and by being fully present.

2. Morning and Evening Routine:

Schedule “cell phone and screen time”. Limit TV. For example….

  • Check your phone only after you interact with your loved ones. If you live alone, cuddle with your dog/cat, exercise or meditate before checking your phone.
  • Start with meditation or short breathing exercises rather than checking emails.
  • No cell phone after 6 pm or no cell phone during family dinner. Lead by example for your children.
  • Read instead of watching TV, or even better go for a walk alone, with your dog or with someone else. This would also provide the opportunity for self-reflection and/or a good conversation.

3. Lunch Time

Have lunch in the cafeteria or even better, leave the building for a little while. Go for a walk. Run errands. Eat somewhere else. People who eat at their desks have to deal with higher stress levels, overeating, health risks, sore joints, lack of balance, brain fog, and reduced productivity.

4. Vacation

Find a co-worker who can cover for you while you are away, and then you return the favour. Work emails during vacation are detrimental to your mental health. Everyone needs a break. If you have nobody to cover, this should make you (and your boss) think.

If you would ask me what I dislike most about North America, then it would be that people feel they have to apologize for having a personal life. This has to change.

I can guarantee that if you manage to limit your screen time, you will actually be able to work less and get more done.

How about that for a change?

Food for Thought:

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