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Karin’s daily blog posts will help you to develop mental strength and a more constructive thought process.

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Manufacture Your Day by PRACTICING GRATITUDE

 In Manufacture Your Day

Manufacturing Training Practice Gratitude

Not too long ago I received a wonderful gift from one of my most loyal blog readers.

I wanted to acknowledge it with a picture of myself feeling the joy of gratitude.

Here is what she wrote:

“Your Monday thru Friday communication has become an essential part of my life! While I am not in manufacturing, my daily experience is enhanced by your insights, your wisdom, your forthright approach, your shared experiences, your constant research to bring your readers excellent lists, articles, suggestions, and, your willingness to let us know that YOU ARE A BELIEVER IN GOD.
Your words bring me courage and hope during this unbelievable crisis in our world!
One of my daily prayers is “God, put me where you need me”.
It appears that He has done just that for you, also.
I send you Respect, Care & Strength,
Jill Smart
PS: Karin, I would like to gift you with a book I recently discovered.”

Why is it so important to practice gratefulness?

I am not sure about you but there have been days in my life when I was not grateful enough for what I have.

It is so easy to get sucked into “more, more, more, faster, faster, faster, bigger, bigger, bigger”…. It’s a world of instant gratification and we do “almost” everything to fit in.

At what cost? At the expense of our family, health and well-being?

I work really hard on my quest for excellence and I think this is a good thing as long as I acknowledge my little milestones along the way.

I am an overachiever and chances are that YOU are one as well. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading my blog. I got you, right?

Overachievers are energetic, goal-oriented, determined and future-focused. On the flip side, they strive forward without stopping. Over time this “go go go” attitude can wear you out. It is important to stop and see how far you have come.

Why don’t you take a little reading break for some well-deserved self-acknowledgment? That’s right, pad yourself on the back and make the time for one minute of gratitude. What are some things to be grateful for in your life right now? 

Today I am extra grateful that I always have readers who make the time to reach out by sending me a nice message but Jill went above and beyond. The book “Consolations” has been at my bedside ever since.

One minute of gratitude is also a wonderful stress relief.

Please never forget to:

  1. Appreciate progress – your own progress and the progress of the people around you;
  2. Be grateful – if you have a bad day, make a list of all the things that you can be grateful for; I promise you that you will immediately feel better.

Finally, here is a gratitude list from the Tiny Buddha website, which is really worth reading.


Food for Thought:

When was the last time that you have done something kind for someone else?

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