Meet Heidi Garcia

Heidi has worked in the automotive sector for over thirty years and has witnessed tremendous changes within the industry. Having spent many years as a Director of Human Resources, she has a deep understanding of the ongoing challenges that both employers and employees face in manufacturing environments.

With an extensive Human Resources and Leadership Development background, she partners with organizations to positively impact employee growth, productivity and performance. Heidi has a strong track record of developing and executing human resources strategies that support operational priorities and drive business results with a focus on creativity and innovation. She has the unique ability to connect with people at all levels and to build strong relationships. Her passion and enthusiasm are evident to everyone with whom she works.

It is Heidi’s mission to provide employees at all levels with the tools, support and structure needed to transform their performance thereby enhancing their professional and personal success and that of the organization.

Heidi is recognized for her ability to motivate and inspire others to be the best they can be and takes great pleasure in enabling individuals and teams to reach their full potential. She is an effective Human Resources Advisor, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, and engaging Public Speaker.

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Phone: (416) 409-1061