Workshop Testimonials :-)

Heidi and I are very excited that our first workshop “Layoff During Difficult Times – The End or a New Beginning” at the Rexall Health Centre was a success. The location was very accommodating and we want to thank MaryAnne Istiglou who made it possible for us to use this great meeting space at no cost. We also want to acknowledge Marj Andre ( for assisting us to advertise the workshop on her website and in her newsletter, and for getting us connected with MaryAnne in the first place.
Great people make great things happen!!! Thank you!

We had 12 people sign up and 9 people showed up. Not bad for our first workshop, which was a freebie – it was very nice weather and the chances were pretty good that people would rather sit on a patio than learn something new.

We want to acknowledge the people who went out of their way to attend our workshop. These are the people who separate themselves from the rest of the job seekers because they took action and showed up.

Here are some of the testimonials we received:

I came to this workshop with an open mind. I didn’t know what to expect and I just wanted to give it a try.
Thank you for the invitation. I appreciated your perspectives. I enjoyed a fresh perspective on the job search and the self assessment.
Steve M., Richmond Hill

Thank you for doing such a great inspirational, positive impact workshop. Well laid-out & good information about our goals. I was really very impressed. Nice work.
Carmen M., Aurora

Your workshop was more than just an ordinary workshop. You two inspired me to work on myself to find out my purpose and destination. You are two very talented ladies. Thank you so very much for going above and beyond to show us what is possible and how to do it.
God Bless,
Axel M., Scarborough

I liked your workshop because in contrast to other similar workshops, you provided people with positive energy. Positive energy gives people the power to stand up and continue their efforts in finding work placements. After losing a job usually people’s overall confidence level is down; they just got rejected by an employer. It doesn’t mater whether the employer was good or bad, people take a layoff as a personal fault. And what you did… You supplied people with energy, positive energy.
Good luck!
Yury F., North York

We will schedule the next workshop soon – stay tuned!

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