Sexy Manufacturing Webinar Series

When the infrastructure shifts, everything rumbles.

~ Stan Davis


This is a brief announcement that I will shortly be offering inspiring and game changing webinars for manufacturing companies both large and small. I will address the critical issue of the lack of a skilled workforce, and what has changed over the years. Companies can no longer afford to do nothing, and progressive manufacturers will take the initiative to manufacture their future.

Can you imagine the personal and organizational cost of failing to fully engage the passion, talent and intelligence of your workforce?

Your value:

  • Understand the must-haves of a manufacturing business that stands out in 2013 and beyond
  • Re-define what works and what doesn’t
  • Gain increased awareness to implement immediate and lasting improvements

Learning Objectives:

Webinar 1: Build Skills to Have Skills and Talent in Your Organization

  • Recognize what needs to be considered due to the shift from the industrialized age to the age of the knowledge worker
  • Explore how to stand out against your competition
  • Define WHY a skilled worker would want to work for you
  • Discover the secret of how to overcome the lack of a skilled workforce

Webinar 2: Build Skills to Retain Skills and Talent in Your Organization

  • Discover the basics to retain skill and talent
  • Recognize the silent workplace diseases: negativity, complacency, mediocrity and entitlement
  • Realize the power of changing organizational habits
  • Get started with simple tools and techniques to improve workplace morale and performance

Webinar 3: Build Skills to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

  • Internalize the competitive advantage of working towards one goal
  • Discover how to connect with people at all levels
  • Explore how to ask the right questions
  • Unleash a movement from mediocrity to excellence

Individual 90 minutes interactive webinar / CAD 150 + HST

Package of three 90 minutes webinars / CAD 350 + HST

Stay tuned for dates and registration links!

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