No training need during difficult times?

Isn’t it mind-boggling that we spend 12 years or longer in school and university before we even start our career and then in a constantly changing world forget about training as a way to keep current?
Life is a learning process and as the world changes we will lose our effectiveness unless we keep up our skills.
Is there really no time or money for personal development? Or is it much rather the lack of drive and initiative to work on our skills to become the best person and leader we can be?
Good companies recognize the need for training and should measure the ROI based on their ability to improve the weakness identified.

I always say ROI = ROI; your return on investment are your relationships, outcomes and improvements in your organization.

One single training session does not change anything. Trainers need to work with the commitment of all the people involved. If you have a progressive management team who is willing to take the challenge of change and they actively work with the feedback of a trainer to put an action plan together, results can be seen in 6 months – 1 year. And believe me, this would be noticeable results!
A skilled and motivated workforce will be essential to ensure organizations are well placed to take advantage of the recovery when it comes.
Unfortunately most companies want to have a quick fix and by the employees this is most of the time seen as the “flavour of the month”.

If organizations want to have a home run, everybody needs to be in the game!
I would love to hear your perspective……

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