Manufacturing Excellence – Stop Training and Start Cultivating!

Isn’t this how we often think about employee training? Just recently it crossed my mind that we really shouldn’t say that we “train” people. Isn’t this what we do with dogs? I believe the way to go in the 21st century is to cultivate leadership and workforce behaviours.

I can actually not believe how many employees get treated like little children and out of fear of losing their job, they seem to put up with it. Physically they are in the building but mentally they have checked out. More and more workers don’t care about their jobs anymore and with that we can clearly see the negative impact in the overall business results. This is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t want to be an employee again. I only tapped into my own creativity once I started my own business, and I know first hand how much potential is lost in our organizations – unused and overlooked.

Would you agree that the vast majority of people in the workplace possess more intelligence, talent creativity and skills that their present jobs require or even allow? Do you think that we are under immense pressure to produce more for less? Just think about it, people face increasing expectations to produce more for less in a very complex world, yet they are simply not allowed to use a significant portion of their talent and intelligence.

Did you know that many employees (if not most of them) have become conditioned to allow others to “use” their brains for them?

What I have experienced is not that employees don’t want to think, but rather that management hasn’t discovered how to encourage and allow employees to tap into their own brainpower. Employees should feel that they work in an environment where they can be creative and improve their processes no matter what their job functions are.

We have to let people experience what it is like to think for themselves, to take responsibility and ownership. People have to want to strive for excellence and they will if we help them understand “why and how”.

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