Manufacturing Excellence – Inspire, Lead and Succeed with PERSONAL TOUCH!

“Our worst comes out when we behave like robots or professionals.” ~ Fernando Flores

What has happened to our world? Seriously!
Is our fast paced Internet world turning us into cold, heartless and apathetic people?
When I call into organizations it is my experience that I either get to speak to a phone system, or when I actually do get a live person on the line, they are neither friendly not sincerely willing to assist. It seems as if I’ve rudely interrupted their day.
How can this be? Have we forgotten how important the initial contact with a company can be?
Does a receptionist understand that he or she is the Director of First Impressions?
Are we no longer aware that politeness and helpfulness can go a long way?
People are so bombarded and overwhelmed by the plethora of services and products that are presented to them on a daily basis that the only thing you can do to truly stand out is your personal touch. This applies at home, at work, and in your social life. 
Just 2 weeks ago the Maintenance Manager in one of my Communication Workshops asked me why it’s important in a professional work environment to show a personal interest in the interests, needs and concerns of his co-workers. He told me that he wants to keep everything on a professional level, and he really doesn’t want to know what’s going on with them.
I tried to explain to him the importance of connecting with his people and I’m happy to say that he was eager and willing to listen. It seemed as if he has never received any management training or read a book on leadership. Everything I told him was completely new to him.
Is he completely at fault? Can we blame him? Certainly not.
Why is it that we still set people up to fail?
Most new employees go through orientation sessions but in many instances managers are somehow exempt and do not receive proper training and mentoring. Isn’t that strange?
Anyone in a leadership position has to understand that actively demonstrating an interest in his people will not only translate into a better work environment but also in a willingness of his people to do their best for the company. If this isn’t crystal clear then this leader is costing the company big bucks in the long run. 
If you neglect that personal touch with your employees, then they may as well be all robots. People have emotions and feelings. They may go through a divorce or have marital problems. They may have aging parents. They may have a sick child at home. They may have health concerns themselves. Whatever it is, why would they care about their work if you don’t care about them?
Can you show a little more empathy? Do your employees know and feel that you genuinely care for them? Never underestimate the power and difference this can make in your workforce.

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