This past weekend I returned from my European adventure, and I have decided to share a few of my observations from this trip in my upcoming messages. 

A few people have already asked me to write about my experience without internet. So this one is especially for you. 

My family and I went on a mediterranean cruise, and my husband and I decided spontaneously that it would be awesome to spend these 8 days without internet. We thought this would be good for us and it would definitely be good for our girls (14 and almost 16 years old). 

I set my “out of office” message to prepare people that they won’t receive an immediate answer, and I have to say that it was the most liberating experience for all of us. We could truly connect and enjoy great conversations without constantly staring at our phones. 

We only used our phones for taking pictures. 

If you think this won’t work for you, I encourage you to read how the German car maker Daimler has started to deal with “email overload” while employees are on vacation – they call it  “Mail on Holiday” Program. 

Did you read the article? How wonderful would be an empty email inbox after returning from a vacation? 

I give three thumbs up for rest, recovery and renewed energy. 

Now you may respond, “Karin, that’s easy for you to say because you run your own business but I am expected to look at my emails 24/7.” 

While this may be true, it is up to YOU to set the boundaries for your time and your energy, or people can (and often will) take advantage of your constant availability. 

That’s why I encourage you to think about….

  • your priorities
  • how much you are willing to tolerate
  • alternative options when you are not available
  • how you can be kind and firm at the same time

Unplugging from the internet on a regular basis is essential for our mental and physical health. 

Please never forget to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your own life. It is all about choices. 

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