One of the things that I have noticed in the corporate world is that everyone seems to be searching for the causes of failure. I have to ask myself why no one seems to be searching for the causes of success. 

“Understanding the cause of failure is important. Understanding the cause of success is far more powerful.”

~ Ed Oakley

Focusing on targets, profits, numbers and facts is the norm in the majority of workplaces and most leaders seem to forget that in order to get the numbers, they have to have their employees on board. 

A while ago a General Manager said, “Karin, we know what has to happen and what needs to change, but what we know and what we do are two very different things. There is simply no sense of urgency and as long as we can drag it out, we will.”

Today I want to ask you:

  • Why don’t we think that the pursuit of perfection is everyone’s job?
  • Why have we settled for mediocrity? 
  • Why are we trying to secure the right answers instead of pursuing the right questions?
  • How do you think the bottom line is impacted when employees are negative, frustrated and stressed? 

Be determined to have the mindset to win, to succeed and to start serving your team. After all, your team is the secret to your success. 

What are you waiting for? 

(excerpt from my book “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?”)

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