Our mind is miraculous, wonderful and also very complex.

I don’t think we take enough advantage of our collective brainpower. What if we would spend more time appreciating different ideas, opinions and concepts? 

What if we would be able to stop showing the world how smart we are? 

There are times when I notice that certain managers would like nothing more than having everyone thinking alike. Different ideas seem to be welcome as long as they are not different from the way they would approach it. Innovative thinkers may feel like a threat or their ideas can seem too risky, especially if there is no reference point. 


Of course, people with different opinions and new ways of doing things could be frustrating at first but what if being curious and having great conversations could help you bring new solutions to old problems?

Diversity in our organizations is key.

Shouldn’t we learn to become comfortable with things that are out of the norm? We should stop saying “no” to ideas and start saying more “what ifs”. If we want to become better in our organizations, people have to be open-minded and curious in order to find the absolute best ideas. 

People “can, should and will” think different and if they work well together and towards a common goal, almost anything is possible.

Apple Inc. is the best example. They used “Think different.” as an advertising slogan in 1997. 

I personally love it when people challenge me and my thought process. I appreciate when they make me think. It helps me to learn new things and reevaluate if there is a better way. 

“Think different” and encourage others to “think different. That’s how we learn and grow together. 

Speak Your Mind