Manufacture Your Day by TRUSTING YOUR TEAM

I am a very trusting person as you may see in these pictures. I have no problem to fall backwards because I believe that people will always do everything it takes to catch me. Thankfully I have this tremendous faith in humanity and I would like to spread this to as many people as I can.

In the past 10 years I have done countless of these trust falls (did them myself and I facilitated them for others) and it is amazing to observe how people make sure to develop a strategy so that they can make sure that the person who performs the trust fall is safe. 

Let’s reflect for a moment. People on your team are hired for a reason, right? If you think that you have to do their job because they don’t have the ability, think again.

What person do you want to become? 

If you are interested to become a more trusting person, please consider this: 

  • Meaningful relationships are build on trust: Get to know your team members, find out what’s important to them, support them and listen to their ideas and to their concerns. 
  • Start trusting in small steps and see how it goes: When you are willing to trust others, it will help you to grow as a person. You will bring renewed energy into your personal and professional relationships, which will bring you different results. 
  • Learn to trust in the abilities of your team members: If given the chance, they won’t disappoint you. You can’t do it alone. Step back, be patient and allow your team members to learn and to grow.

If you think that you are the the only one who can do a job, you may want to change the way how you look at the people around you. 

Trusting people is a great first step to have a motivated and engaged team. 

How about giving people the benefit of the doubt? 

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