It really doesn’t matter what we do every once in a while BUT it certainly matters what we do consistently. 

Just recently a Manager said to me, “Karin, I am afraid that I “over-appreciate” my team members. Can this happen?” 

I looked at him and said, “This shouldn’t be one of your worries. I can report quite the opposite. People usually seem to be overworked and “under-appreciated. Just go ahead and show your appreciation daily. Your efforts won’t go by unnoticed as long as you’re sincere.”

When I worked at Magna I had a Manager who shook my hand every evening to thank me for my help and my support. His name was Karl and I was his executive assistant in my second year in Canada. It was wonderful to work for and with him. 

There were 3 key things that he did, which made me go above and beyond for him:

  1. He made it very clear how I added value to his busy days.
  2. He was sincere and respectful at all times. 
  3. He was consistent. 

If you want to see the results that you want to see, you have to be consistent. 

Of course we can all be consistent by eating chocolate chip cookies and junk food on a daily basis and the scale will show that consistency (I am no exception and have my weak moments). However, the opposite is true as well. If you start to make healthier food choices and exercise regularly, you feel healthier and happier in no time. I promise!

Consistency matters in every aspect of our life.

Here is a friendly reminder to what matters most:

  • Our Physical and Mental Health
    • exercise
    • eat healthy and nutritious food
    • meditate
    • walk (with your dog or without) and be mindful of the wonders of nature
  • Our Family and Friends
    • check in with them – call or visit
    • have great conversations without starring at your phone
    • create fun experiences together
    • show your appreciation – never take loved ones for granted
  • Our Personal and Professional Fulfillment
    • know what you want – love it, leave it or change it
    • communicate your expectations
    • be grateful for what you have 
    • appreciate your team members and the people around you
    • be willing to learn and to grow

Please remember that the small things in life are the big things.

Good things come to those who take consistent action and are determined enough to keep going until they see the results. 

You’re welcome!

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