Manufacture Your Day by TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF

Have you ever noticed that there are people who want nothing more but to fight and make you wrong?

Would you like to hear what I believe to be one of the most useless statements in the corporate world? 

“Make it happen!” (without management support and without having the tools you need BUT  “make it happen”). 

That’s the  “Formula 1” on the road to disengagement. 

Just yesterday I spoke to someone and this person told me, “I have worked in the automotive industry for 15+ years. I took one beating after the next, which left me with very low self-worth and high levels of stress. I internalized that all the issues and mistakes were at least partly my fault. Even though I did my best to fight 100 fires at once, without full support from upper management I was pretty much on my own. I ran out of strength. One day I woke up and realized that I had turned into an angry middle-aged man. I had enough.”

Just like that this loyal employee decided to leave the industry for the sake of his health and well-being, his family life and his own happiness.

I applaud people like him. 

I hear so many stories and I always encourage people to do their best. That’s all they can do. 

However, if you feel that your best is not good enough, pack your bags and move on. You only have one life. Make it count. 

You always have a choice. Always!

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