Manufacture Your Day by TAKING ACTION

The negativity in some companies can be overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, we all have reason to become negative about our work occasionally. However, if negativity becomes a habit, it can dramatically take a toll on productivity and profitability. 

Some people really live emotionally in the negative land of “W” – wishing, whining and wasting everyone’s time. Don’t be one of them!

Now here are some simple actions on how to get started:

1. People
Refuse to hang out with blamers, moaners and whiners. You don’t help anyone by being the sounding board for their complaints. Stay respectful and polite but say that you don’t want to waste your energy on complaining. 

2. Thoughts
Start a journal and reflect every evening on your day. In what situations do you feel more negative vibes than positive ones? When you catch yourself thinking thoughts that don’t serve you, practice pivoting your thoughts.  Here is an example: You may say, “Jeeez, it’s always the same. The people around here are so resistant to change and don’t want to try anything new.” Say STOP and think instead, “I am aware that this thought doesn’t serve me. At the moment people are still resistant to change but I know that I can help them change their perspective and be more open to trying new things.”

3. Outcomes
What outcomes would you like to see? Find the good in every situation. Look for the good in every person. Don’t focus on what is, instead focus on what can be. Do you celebrate your successes along the way? Look how far you have come and what already works well. Acknowledge the progress and be grateful. 

Remember, it’s your life and you want to make it count. Don’t waste it on anger, discouragement and frustration. Do something!

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