Why do we human beings try so hard to fit in rather than stand out? 

Since I was a little child I always wanted to be “normal”, even though I knew deep inside that I was not. I didn’t like to follow rules. I had a hard time listening to my parents and to my teachers. I always tried to push the boundaries. I wasn’t the best in school because I got bored so easily. I wanted to have fun at work, which didn’t really seem possible. I didn’t like fixed hours and I wasn’t really excited about social standards. I am sure that there was a lot more but you get the idea. 

Today I know that I am o.k. the way I am. I am different and that’s cool. I like to push boundaries because that’s what entrepreneurs do. 

I would like to encourage YOU to

  • set a goal that scares and excites you at the same time.
  • push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you (travel alone, have dinner alone, spend a holiday alone, sign up to deliver a stand-up comedian performance, go and sing karaoke, climb a mountain, swim through a lake, go parachuting or bungee jumping, and the list goes on).
  • discover your “new normal”. What makes you different and unique? What makes you stand out?

If you have the courage to try new things, to meet new people and to travel to new places, you will lose the urge of being normal. 

I want you to know that YOU ARE amazing and if you allow yourself to stand in your power by pushing your boundaries, your amazingness will be limitless. Yes!

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