I am not sure about you but I have never had a great idea while sitting in the office. 

My ideas come when I spend time in nature, when I run or cycle, or when I simply sit in my backyard. 

I am waiting for that day when I see more walking meetings in organizations. This would be such a creativity and collaboration booster. 

If you have too many boring meetings, they can suffocate productivity and employee morale. I have also heard that sitting is the “new smoking”. 

Ready to consider something different? 

Here are some awesome reasons why you should take your next meeting for a walk: 

  1. Employee Health:Walking helps dealing with emotional situations and it is great for our mental and physical health.
  2. Side by side: A greater connection can be established when managers and employees walk side by side.
  3. Get ready to be inspired: The outside environment can inspire creative thoughts, and people have a better opportunity to inspire each other. 
  4. Walk to connect: People who walk and talk together have better energy, and collaborate better. 

Are you ready to walk and talk? It could be a life changing experience.

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