Manufacture Your Day by SERVING OTHERS

Happy Monday!

Here is to another week and another chance to get in right. 

On this picture you see me writing my daily messages. This is my labour of love for all the hard working people in the manufacturing industry, and I am very grateful for all my regular readers. 

What is it that you do to serve others? 

This is not a question of position, rank or department. 

Do you focus mainly on your everyday tasks, or on the long-term value you add for your organization and the difference you make for the people around you? 

Nothing can be more fulfilling and rewarding. 

Here is some quick tips on how to be a servant leader:

  • Seek out others’ input and ideas
  • Help people who deal with personal challenges in their life
  • Know that having a title comes with the responsibility to develop your team members
  • Think about the long-term consequences of your decisions for the company and the team
  • If someone is kind, pay it forward and be kind to others yourself

Robert L. Stevenson used to say, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

Now go and plant those seeds.

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