Manufacture Your Day by SAYING “THANK YOU”

I am on vacation but that’s not the only reason that I feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled at this very moment. The main reason is that 5 of my readers reached out to me this week to thank me for my daily messages. 

It means a lot to me that these people took the time out of their busy life to thank me for my work (you know who you are). Sometimes I question if the time and effort I put into these messages is worthwhile for my readers but deep down I know that they add tremendous value.

People go through all kinds of things…. – job loss, stress, depression, fear, discouragement, job dissatisfaction, bosses who are tolerated as bullies, lack of appreciation, and so much more. They feel that my messages give them the kind of support they need. Unfortunately their daily challenges often remain unnoticed by family, friends and co-workers (= the cost of not caring). 

A long time ago someone told me that “thank you” has no business value. Of course this is always a matter of perception but for me it is unthinkable that I don’t thank others – maybe that’s why I get so much appreciation on a regular basis. If you give, you get. 

I want you to know that money will never be able to give me this much fulfillment as the connection that I am able to establish with people who I don’t even know in person. 

People chase happiness by chasing money, titles and prestige. If I have ………, I will be happy. It is a never ending story with no happy ending. 

How about being grateful for what you have and tell others what you appreciate about them?

My “Manufacture Your Day Messages” will help you to get further faster if you take them to heart. 

Thanks for reading my daily thoughts. 🙂

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