Did you know that allowing people to use their brain and truly listen to what they have to say is the highest form of respect that you can give? 

Those of you who know me for a while know that I firmly believe that most people on the production floor possess more talent, skill and creativity than their current job requires or even allows. 

Unfortunately, due to the pressures of the industry, most people are directed but not truly respected. 

One day I even heard a supervisor say to a machine operator, “Do what I tell you to do. You are not here to think.”  #truestory

I have met countless super smart people who work on the assembly line. They are the experts at what they do, and they should be treated and spoken to that way. I know that this would definitely  be a “quality booster”. 

The manufacturing industry is all about being faster, lowering the cost, reducing scrap and building a high quality product for the best possible price. 

Doing more with less has become the norm. Does it make sense to you that only very few organizations manage to tap into the full brainpower of their people? If you have to have a lot of supervision, it is a waste of time and a waste of money. 

Remember, the brain is like a muscle. If people never use it, they lose it – and as simple as that, you will lose your competitive edge. 

Everyone in an organization deserves to have a voice. Make sure to listen to all the voices.

My two cents for what it’s worth:

Be curious instead of furious. That would be a true game changer. 

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