If you would like to have a more productive and efficient work environment, make sure that your team members understand the importance of approaching someone with their name. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “hey” or “hey you” without mentioning a name, when someone needs something from another person. 

Here are my thoughts on this topic: 

  • Memorize people’s names – it doesn’t matter how many people you have on the team; your effort will pay off; 
  • Start using your team members’ name – it will make everybody feel like “somebody”;
  • When you write emails, it is important to address people by their name – if you don’t have the time to write “Hello Karin”, I recommend a time management class;
  • Workers are human beings, not bodies, not numbers – they are the ones who make sure to get a quality product out of the door. Would it be worth it to remember their names?
  • The name is the beginning of getting to know the person behind the name; 

Mirror, mirror on the wall……This is the most powerful message for all. 

In other words: 

If you demonstrate that you truly care by getting to know people, the employees will follow your lead. Guaranteed! 


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