We all make mistakes. It’s human and it’s part of life. 

If more people would speak to each other instead of about each other, a lot of difficult situations could be avoided. 

Gossip is bad business practice and it will hurt you and the people around you.

I find that it just so easy to join others to complain about management, co-workers, direct reports, suppliers and even customers.

Why not stop driving the BMW (blaming, moaning and whining)? 

Here is what you can do: 

  • Learn to ask for what you want – if you cannot express yourself, people will make assumptions and won’t meet your expectations (about rules, procedures, expectations, and so much more).
  • If something really bothers you, approach the person and have a respectful but straight forward conversation with him/her. Most of the people will learn to appreciate your courage and your honesty. 
  • If someone else approaches you to complain about another person, simply say, “I don’t like to talk behind people’s back. What do you think has to happen so that we can improve the situation?” 
  • If a co-worker is very negative and complains a lot, you can say, “I have noticed that you are very negative lately. What’s going on? (listen) How does complaining help you to make things better? What actions do you think you have to take? 
  • If someone approaches you to complain about management, say, “I hear you. It can be very frustrating at times but complaining behind their back will hurt us more than it will hurt them. Let’s evaluate our choices (accept it, leave the company, change the way we look at them, learn to influence them and their actions). 
  • If your team members don’t meet your expectations, there could be three reasons. 1) They don’t understand what your expectations are. 2) They rarely receive constructive feedback. 3) They receive feedback but they are not being held accountable. 

Sometimes people are not aware and a good conversation can do wonders. Let’s not make assumptions and start getting into the habit of helping each other to get better. 

The majority of people is interested to improve but they are not used to work in an environment where excellence is expected. 

If we learn to do our part, people will be eager to learn and improve. 

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