Manufacture Your Day by OVERCOMING YOUR FEARS

It is very interesting but after everything that I have learned over the past few years, it still takes hard work and conscious effort to focus on the positive.

Many times people approach me and they think that I have it all figured out. Yeah, right!

To be honest, sometimes I am not sure if I write these messages for you or for myself. I can only tell you that I need these constant reminders as much as you do. 

The only difference is that I write them and you read them. 

Fear oftentimes tries to overcome us. 

Here is what I do in these moments: 

  1. I notice when a thought doesn’t serve me (mindfulness about what’s going on in my head).
  2. I immediately say “Stop. Here is my bullshit story again.” (that’s how I stop the negative thought process). 
  3. I rephrase the fearful thought into a positive one – for example, instead of telling myself “There is no way that I will get this new business”, I rephrase this thought to “Of course I will get this new business because they will want to work with the best in this industry.” 
  4. I smile (smiling always helps me to feel good) and get into the state of expectancy (expect it to happen).
  5. If it doesn’t happen, then I know that it wasn’t in my best interest and I move on right away. 

We cannot fulfill our full potential if we allow fear to hold us back. 

Always remember that FEAR stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real“. 

If you want to imagine things, why not imagine a positive outcome? Deal? 

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