Manufacture Your Day by MOVING FORWARD

Life isn’t always easy. We all have our own share of challenges. The difference between a victor and a victim is how they overcome their challenges and how fast they are able to bounce back.

It is interesting but sometimes people seem to think that successful people have it all figured out and that they are perfect. I can tell you that nothing can be further from the truth. It takes hard work to stay positive at times. I have read so many biographies, and everyone has their own faults, shortcomings and flaws.

I want you to know that nobody can do everything but everybody can do something. 

Never think about yourself as “not smart enough”, “not talented enough”, “not skilled enough”, “not influential enough”, and all the other “not enoughs” that are on your mind.

YOU are enough of everything to do what you would like to do. 

If you have a tough day, take it for what it is…….. – a tough day.

Sometimes I notice that I allow myself to be consumed by assumptions about others and negative thoughts. As soon as I notice, my mental strategy kicks in and I do everything it takes to switch this thought process into a positive one. Bye bye bullshit story……

If you want to imagine things, why not imagine a positive outcome? It takes the same amount of energy but it makes you feel a lot better.

Remember to live life with happiness and joy. As soon as you manage to do that, you will move in the right direction.

You’re welcome!

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