Manufacture Your Day by MANAGING YOUR ENERGY

Have you ever noticed that everyone is busy measuring KPIs but not too many people seem to pay attention to personal energy management. 

There are so many energy depleting behaviours and that’s why I want you to pay attention to the following positive habits:

  • When you eat, pay attention to your meals, eat nutritious food and eat slow – definitely avoid eating at your desk
  • Sleep an average of 7 hours
  • Find time for exercise or you will eventually have to find time to see the doctor
  • “Me-Time” is important = spend some alone time
  • Spend time outdoors – nature will restore your energy in the most  wonderful way
  • Get into the habit of blending home-made veggie/fruit smoothies (I do this every day and my family hasn’t been sick in 4 years)
  • Take control of your emotions – ask yourself “Is this really worth getting upset about?” or “How much will this matter a year from now?”
  • Breathe and think before you respond
  • Allocate your energy wisely: to your family, to your health and wellbeing, contribution to others and to your work of course
  • Take regular technology breaks
  • Attitude = Quality of your Energy
  • Effort = Quantity of your Energy
  • Enjoy your job, feel good about the value you add on a daily basis – make sure to give your work purpose and meaning 

Think about it for a moment, how much energy is wasted when you think about things that are outside your control?

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What would it mean for you and for your employer if you would be able to invest your energy wholeheartedly? 

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Are you ready to take some life altering action?

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