Just recently I came across this amazing quote by William Martin, and I thought I would share. 

In my efforts to bring more awareness to respect for humanity in our work environments, I believe it is important to remember that respect is something that we should learn at home. Whatever we teach our children today will have a tremendous impact on our corporate world tomorrow. As adults, we are the role models and it is important to evaluate how we think, speak and act on a daily basis. 

We hear about bullies in our schools because that’s what these children learn at home. They learn that it is o.k. to put others down. They learn that it is o.k. to use foul language. They learn that it is o.k. to instil fear in other children. I am convinced these children lack love and attention, which can lead to judgmental behaviour and/or aggression. 

I know that we can do so much better than that. It is all about awareness. 

Let’s teach our children:

  • How to lead a happy and joyful life
  • To be grateful for what they have
  • To take responsibility for their decisions
  • That marks are snapshots, which don’t showcase the intelligence of a child 
  • To stand out rather than fit in
  • That there is no failure as long as they keep trying
  • That a title doesn’t guarantee success in life – a strong mind does
  • What their strengths, talents and accomplishments are
  • That imagination and willpower are a powerful combination
  • How to develop mental strength 
  • That how to think is more important than what to think
  • How to set goals

Of course, in order to teach, you have to lead by example first. Did you know that your child(ren) is/are watching you? 

If you know how to find joy in the most ordinary things of life, you will feel happier and if you feel good about yourself, it is so much easier to be respectful to the people around you. 

Respect for humanity is such an important principle in lean manufacturing because the biggest resource in any company are the people who work there.

Why not start practising at home?

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