Manufacture Your Day by MAKING PEOPLE SMILE

It is unfortunate but there are people in our work environments who think smiling is non-value added. 

I realize that smiling is something that comes more natural to some than others BUT really, what’s the point walking around with a miserable and constantly stressed looking face? 

Is it proven that misery brings great results? I don’t think so. 

An angry face doesn’t serve anyone and it certainly is a downer for productivity. 

Wherever I go I make it my mission to make people smile. May it be in my workshops, on one of my runs, in the grocery store, in the subway or in the car – I greet, I smile and….. most of the time I get rewarded with a smile in return. It is a pretty rewarding experiment if you are tempted to try. 

If you think smiling is only something that people should do outside of work, think again. 

Here are a few good reasons why smiling is good for you and your team members: 

  • Smiling is great for your immune system: Studies have shown that on a biochemical level, smiling releases endorphins and endorphins are natural painkillers. 
  • Smiling is a proven stress relief: why would you risk a stroke or a heart attack if you can prevent it with a smile? 
  • Smiling makes you happier: who doesn’t want to be happy? However, smiling also releases serotonin, and serotonin acts as a natural anti-depressant. You will sleep better and be less moody. 
  • Smiling definitely helps you to look younger: my mom used to say that we all get the face that we deserve when we get older. 
  • Smiling is a key ingredient to build meaningful relationships: people like to do business (or hang out) with friendly and likeable people. 
  • Smiling makes you feel really good: try it; it is pretty difficult to smile and to feel terrible at the same time. 

For me, smiling is a lot of fun, and fun has always had a positive impact on my productivity. 

Why not give it a whirl? It may grow on you. 

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